Kids Clothes Week Spring 2013!

I’ve been lurking the Elsie Marley blog all week, waiting for Meg to announce the dates for the Spring Kids Clothing Week.  I’m usually far more motivated to sew for myself, so KCW is a great motivator to get me really focused on sewing for the kids.  And this spring they desperately need it!

Kids Clothing Week Spring 2013

And for all of you with kids to sew for, the dates are out!  April 22-29, 2013 is the Spring Kids Clothes Week.  I was also pretty excited to see that Meg decided to expand KCW to four time per year — winter, spring, summer and fall.  I for one could certainly use the motivation to focus on my kids’ wardrobes more, and more frequently replace the items that they outgrow.  Summer KCW will also give me a great opportunity to focus on baby sewing!  If you’re interested in participating, Meg started a new blog just for KCW — head over there to sign up!

Obviously, I’ve already signed up.  I have lots of plans for spring sewing for the kids, largely because they both have large gaps in their wardrobes!  There’s absolutely no way that I can accomplish everything that needs to be accomplished in one short week, so most likely I will be feverishly working to finish projects in the weeks before KCW so that I actually have stuff to share with you during the week.

I also have plans for the actual KCW week.  Fall 2012 was the week of pants sewing for me since J desperately needed new pants.  Spring 2013 KCW will likely be the week of the t-shirt.

Both kids need t-shirts, the month until KCW will give me plenty of time to raid Albert’s discarded t-shirt stash for raw materials, and the Flashback Skinny Tee takes me an hour or less to put together.  I should be able to pump out quite a few t-shirts in a week.  Maybe I’lll throw in a pillowcase top or easy pinafore dress for N, just to break up the monotony, though.

Now if Rae would only announce the 2013 Spring Top Sewalong, all my spring sewing dreams will have come true!

Are you planning to participate in KCW this year?  What are you sewing?

2 thoughts on “Kids Clothes Week Spring 2013!

  1. Samantha

    This will be my first kids clothing challenge/sew-along. I hope it’s not TOO challenging, not 100% sure what to expect, but I’m along for the ride. Can’t wait to see what you create.


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