Grainline Willow — a worthy replacement

I was such a tease on Monday, wasn’t I?  So sorry about that!  but I am back here today with all the nitty gritty on my Grainline Willow Tank.

Creative Counselor: Grainline Willow tank

I’ll just start off by saying that with Willow and me it was love at first sight, and it only got better with time.  The Willow Tank replaces the Tiny Pocket Tank, which was Grainline’s very first pattern.  I had the Tiny Pocket Tank too, and I always appreciated that it had a bust dart, but the fit was never quite right on me, and I never really took the time to get it just right.

Creative Counselor: Grainline Willow tank

So I was more than happy to plop the Willow in my cart when it released, and I couldn’t be happier about that choice!  No tweaking necessary on the Willow!  I could play with the position of the bust dart a bit if I wanted to, but it’s probably debatable whether it’s even necessary so I may not bother 🙂

Creative Counselor: Grainline Willow tank

I made this tank in a size 6 and did a 1″ FBA to fit my bust measurement.  Since the pattern has a bust dart, it was incredibly easy to do my favorite slash-and-spread FBA method and just add the excess to the bust dart.

Creative Counselor: Grainline Willow tank

The overall style of this tank is exactly what I like in a woven tank.  It has just the right amount of fit through the shoulders and bust, is appropriately roomy at the waist and hip, and the length hits me exactly right.

I’d say this was definitely a home run!  And a very quality replacement for a classic tank pattern.

Creative Counselor: Grainline Willow tank

Pattern: Willow Tank by Grainline Studios

Price: $16.00 (PDF) or $18.00 (Print)

Size: 6

Difficulty: Beginner.

Techniques Required: Sewing a dart, bust modifications (if needed), attaching bias tape as a facing.

Similar Patterns: Megan Nielsen Eucalypt Tank, Sis Boom Tortola, Colette Sorbetto, Wiksten Tank

Fabric: Royal blue anchor poplin from Joann’s.

Fit: Really good.  I had the Tiny Pocket Tank, which was Grainline’s first pattern, and I liked it also, but I was amazed how much better the Willow fit!  It was pretty much spot on straight out of the envelope.  I could tweak the dart placement a touch, but otherwise I love everything about this tank as is.

Modifications: I did a small FBA to add an extra inch to the bust.  Since there is a bust dart, I could easily do my favorite slash-and-spread method..

Pattern format: The pattern is available in PDF and print, though I have the PDF.  The file was really manageable.  I wasn’t doing the dress at this point, so I didn’t tape those pieces together yet.


  • Very fast sew!
  • Great fit through the bust and shoulders.
  • Length is perfect.  This hits exactly where a woven tank should hit.
  • Pattern is simple and straightforward for beginners, but is a good fast sew for experienced sewists.
  • Great-looking finished product makes it good for any occasion.
  • Bust darts make for easier alterations.
  • Fits very true to size.


  • This is one of those patterns that I immediately loved so much I had a hard time thinking of any negatives.  And I still can’t.  If you are in the market for a woven tank, this is officially my top recommendation.

Overall Grade: A.  Such a quality pattern.  Grainline has always put out a really nice product, and they seem to get better with every one!

2 thoughts on “Grainline Willow — a worthy replacement

  1. lisa g

    Looks nice! I always wished she would redo the drafting on the TPT though, cuz something is definitely off with it. Oh well, I’m sure this will be a great basic to have in the pattern stash!


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