Watcha Wearin’?: On a Lark

I’m back for the Watcha Wearin’ January tour with yet another Grainline make. What can I say? I love Grainline patterns!

Creative Counselor: On a Lark

Watcha Wearin' January

I bought the Lark Tee when it released in 2015 and sewed up a great sparkly grey V-neck that you may recall from here.  Then I cut another top, and like the sewing magpie that I am, was promptly distracted by another shiny new project.

So when I found myself wanting a black and white striped tee this fall, I decided to dig my Lark pattern out of my stash and make myself another perfect V-neck.  And finish up the one from my UFO pile while I was at it 🙂

Creative Counselor: On a Lark

This striped tee is such a versatile piece — it goes with just about anything in my wardrobe!

And just as with my previous Lark, the neckline on this top turned out perfectly!  In fact, Grainline’s instructions make the V-neck downright easy.

Creative Counselor: On a Lark

I’m all about layering in the wintertime, so I get a ton of use out of a top like this.  I’ll wear it layered like this under a big, thick sweater all winter, and then when spring rolls around, I’ll ditch the sweater and wear it on its own with skinnies or a skirt (maybe even shorts) and flats.

What’s your go-to layering piece?

Creative Counselor: On a Lark

Outfit Details:
Striped Tee: Grainline Lark Tee (long-sleeve, V-neck)
Sweater: Gap (pattern suggestion: Love Notions Boyfriend Cardigan (affiliate link) or Grainline Driftless Cardigan)
Pants: The Limited (pattern suggestion: Love Notions Sabrina Slims (affiliate link))
Shoes: Tieks
Jewelry: Stella & Dot

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5 thoughts on “Watcha Wearin’?: On a Lark

  1. tibecayao

    A good t-shirt pattern is an absolute must for the home sewist. Now I’m curious to know how the Lark instructions for a v-neck differ from all the other instructions I’ve seen.

  2. Lodi

    Love the Lark. I must overcome my fear of knits!

    And as a skeptic ($) I must say that the Tieks really do make for a classic, polished outfit! Very nice.

    1. Katie Post author

      Yes you must! No need to fear knits or wovens 🙂

      And I definitely hear you on the price of the Tieks. They are pricey, but definitely complete most of my outfits!


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