My Measurements

As all sewists know, measurements are SOOOO important! I can make something that looks great (or awful) on me, but there is no way for you as a reader to know if the pattern would look similar on you without some indication of my measurements and body type.

I have no modesty about this, so I’m happy to share! My body type is generally an hourglass. Since I had kids, my waist is thicker than it once was, and my bust measurement sometimes seems to vary with my hormones, but I’m still generally an hourglass.  Oh, and I’m a relative shorty at 5’3″ on a good day.

My typical size:

RTW: US 4-6 or Small
Colette: 6
Megan Nielsen: Small
Sewaholic: 6(bust)-4(waist)-2(hip)
By Hand London: 8
Closet Case Patterns: 8
Maria Denmark: Small
Grainline: 4-6
Deer & Doe: 38
Named: 38

I will update my measurements periodically, but I will not delete past measurements.

Bust: 35.5″
Waist: 29.5″
Hip: 38″
Above bust: 34″
Below bust: 32″

4/11/13 (18 weeks pregnant, so take these with a grain of salt!)
Bust: 36″
Waist: 38″
Hip: 41″

Update 4/27/13:
I just went to a proper lingerie store and got fitted for a bra. They put me in a 34E! Best-fitting bras I’ve ever owned.

Update 7/2/13 (30 weeks pregnant):
Bust: 38.5″
Waist: Not even going there.
Hip: 42″

Update 10/30/13:
It’s been a while since I updated these. So here goes (deep breath), my postpartum measurements:

Bust: 40″
Waist: 33.5″
Hip: 42″
Above bust: 37″
Below bust: 33″
Bra size: 34F

Oy, I have some work to do.

Update 1/16/14:

Bust: 39″
Waist: 33″
Hip: 41″
Above Bust: 36″
Below Bust: 32″
Bra size: 34F (But this band is rapidly getting too big as I already have it on the third and smallest set of hooks)

Update 6/22/14:

Bust: 35″
Waist: 29″
Hip: 37″

Update 9/22/14:

Bust: 34″
Waist: 28″
Hip: 37″
Under bust: 31″
Bra size: 32D
RTW size: US 4-6

Update 4/10/15:

Full bust: 35″
Above Bust: 32″
Below Bust: 28″ (fully exhaling, 31″ if I’m not)
Waist: 27″
Hip: 37″
Bra size: 32C
RTW size: US 4-6

Update 3/18/16:

Full bust: 36″
Above Bust: 33″
Waist: 29″
Hip: 40″
Bra size: 32D

Oy, time for another Whole 30 and some regular exercise :/

Update 12/21/16 (after the FASTer Way to Fat Loss program — review here):

Full bust: 34.25″
Above bust: 33″
Waist: 27.5″
Hip: 37.75″
Bra size: 30E

17 thoughts on “My Measurements

    1. Katie Post author

      Glad you find it helpful. I always find myself wishing I knew people’s measurements as I read pattern reviews. I’ll have a slew of reviews up over the next week (I WILL take pictures tonight!) so keep an eye out!

  1. lin

    I just found your blog! Thanks for posting your measurements as I’m measuring almost the same as yours although I am probably shorter than you. I have been hesitant in cutting in the renfrew because I’ve heard so many different reviews but I think I’ll do what you did. Thanks for posting this information. I think I will get the Megan Nielsen patterns I’ve been wanting since you did an awesome job on your briar top. Cant decide between the Banksia or briar though

    1. Katie Post author

      Glad this helped you! Once I figured out Renfrew, I really like it. So versatile. Though I have Banksia, I haven’t had a chance to make it yet. I will once I’m not preggo! I think that Briar is more of my style for a go-to pattern though. But I think Megan Nielsen’s pattern are fabulous so I’m sure you’ll be happy whichever you choose!

  2. Sylvia

    I hear you on the bra size! I ended up a 34F by 7mo and was a 34G by the time i was getting going breastfeeding. Could i recommend to you some nursing bra brands in the larger cup sizes? Ive had wire-free bras by both Anita and HotMilk and both have surprised me at their ‘lift&separate’-ness. Ive got Anita and Elomi underwired nursing bras and am hugely happy with them too. The Hotmilk is by far the cutest, but the Elomi has held up the best.

    1. Katie Post author

      Thanks for the recommendations! I have to buy all new nursing bras. My old ones were definitely too small so I threw them out. I will definitely check out these brands!

  3. Melinda Euler

    So glad I found your blog. Starting this rtw challenge and it is very nice to find people of similar proportions to have a better idea how a pattern will work. Looking foreword to your reviews

    1. Katie Post author

      So glad you found me! I always think it’s helpful to see how patterns look on someone with similar proportions. It can make such a huge difference!

  4. karen

    Would you be willing to add your Big 4 sizes? I mostly sew from Big4 and by having your Big4, it might help me pick the correct size Indie pattern. Thanks!

    1. Katie Post author

      I would happily add that information, but I Have never sewn with either a Big 4 or Burdastyle pattern. So I’d just be guessing on my size 😕

  5. jude Ewen

    This is so helpful as many of our members are new sewists and need HELP
    Would you be OK if I put this on the Australian Sewing Guild website facebook/blog so our members can learn this very import adjustment?


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