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Grainline Willow — a worthy replacement

I was such a tease on Monday, wasn’t I?  So sorry about that!  but I am back here today with all the nitty gritty on my Grainline Willow Tank.

Creative Counselor: Grainline Willow tank

I’ll just start off by saying that with Willow and me it was love at first sight, and it only got better with time.  The Willow Tank replaces the Tiny Pocket Tank, which was Grainline’s very first pattern.  I had the Tiny Pocket Tank too, and I always appreciated that it had a bust dart, but the fit was never quite right on me, and I never really took the time to get it just right.

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Make Laundry, Don’t Do Laundry: Ladies Harem Pants

Make Laundry

Laundry…ugh.  Who wants to do laundry, when it’s just as easy to make something new??

Okay, so I’m mostly kidding. Even though laundry is a real pain, I still do it.  But it’s kind of the ongoing joke in the sewing world that if you don’t have any clean clothes, there’s no need to cut into sewing time when you could just make yourself something to wear in the same amount of time.  Thus, the Make Laundry tour was born!

Creative Counselor: Pattern Emporium Harem Pants

A number of us crazy folks accepted the challenge to make a garment in the time it would take us to do a load of laundry, thus obviating the need for laundry that day.

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